Thursday 10 January 2013

Finishing Off Friday - 11/01/2013

Are you jumping on board with my Finishing Off focus for 2013?  On Fridays I am going to post an update of how I am going with my Finishing Off projects...

Macy's Baby Album
My goal is to have this album complete for my niece by her 2nd birthday on the 23rd March.  It was meant to be done for her 1st birthday last year, but time just got away from me!

My progress for this week:
- Re-glued some embellishments that had slipped out of position
- Printed photos for each month of her first year
- Sorted the photos into monthly categories

- Scrapbooked 10 pages for her album

My Photos
I started doing Project Life in 2011, and am currently up to date up to July 2011.  That means I am now 18 months behind!

My progress this week:
- Sorted all memorabilia (ticket stubs, coasters, flyers, cards, notes, etc) into a plastic pocket folder into monthly categories for each of the 18 months to be done, so that when I do each month, the memorabilia is ready to use

My Study
I started this massive project last year.

My progress this week:
- Got Mick to take down the old vertical blinds, move the phone connection and patch holes in wall
- Took the desk to my sister's house, as she is going to have it now - we are making me a workbench instead
- Cleaned the window (doesn't sound like much, but it was filthy and took me half an hour!)
- Vacuumed the floor once furniture was removed
- Bought the cube units that will form the under-bench storage

My Baby's Nursery

My progress this week:
- Bought drawers and drawer dividers next is to assemble them!
Other Projects that were Finished Off:
- Fixed my favourite headband, which had broken about 6 months ago.  It took me 5 minutes to fix!  I cut the decoration off the broken headband and attached it to a new headband using my hot glue gun.

- Sorted some random scrapbooking supplies I have accumulated and filed them into my Scrapbook Embellishment folders

- I used a punch to cut up a gift bag that was really pretty, but had seen better days - love how they turned out!

- Fixed some earrings that had a broken link
- Sorted and filed my Printable Templates into my Home Organisation folder
- Sorted and filed my receipts, warranties and brochures from the Laundry renovation

Wow!  I can't believe I have achieved all of this in just one short week!  It is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.  I was so surprised that many of these 'other' projects really took me next to no time to complete.  I have been procrastinating doing them for soooo long, and just spending 10-15 minutes at night time doing them, I was able to practically empty that overflowing Projects Bucket I shared with you at the beginning of the week!

AND - I didn't start one new project this week!  I thought of a few ideas, but quickly told myself NO!  I am feeling such a sense of accomplishment working through these 'finishing off' tasks, and I really don't want to add to my list that is so quickly shrinking ;)

How did you go this week?  Did you finish off anything that has been on your project list for a while?


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