Monday 28 January 2013

Handmade Gift - Mini Ribbon Paperclips

Last year for my handmade Christmas gift, I decided to make these gorgeous little mini ribbon paperclips.  I thought they looked so cute, and by following this tutorial I found online, I was able to create these little masterpieces!  The only thing that I did differently to the instructions listed, was to hot glue the back of the bow, so that it sat straight on top of the paper clip (otherwise, they tended to spin around).

I mounted the paperclips on a piece of card, with a ribbon wrapped around the middle, just to provide a bit of an added embellishment.

The pink were definitely my favourite...

Paired with some cute little notepads or notepaper, it made a cute little gift to give.

The red and purple looked good too!

There are so many cute ribbons around to choose from - I just love the polka dots and stripes!  I used 6mm ribbon, I found this made the best size bow for a standard sized paperclip.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to make these - the process itself if quite easy, but it is time consuming.  I sat myself in front of the TV at night times and did all of the sewing then.  I enjoy doing this type of thing, so the timeframe didn't really worry me.


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