Wednesday 13 February 2013


So, yesterday I messaged my husband and told him that the local IGA had lots of lovely bunches of flowers in store, and I wouldn't mind if he stopped and got me my Valentine's blooms early...  hint hint!

He arrived home quite late, but I just thought he must have worked back late.

It was lovely to see that he walked in with a gorgeous bunch of red roses and lilies (our wedding flowers)!  How sweet of him to remember ;)

But then I was really surprised when he went back outside and came in again, this time with a fit-ball for me!  After our anti-natal class with the physio on Tuesday night, we learnt how versatile the fit-ball can be both for now, and after the baby arrives.  So, what a thoughtful gesture to get me one!!

The cutest part of all was when he apologised that it wasn't red, so it wouldn't match the lounge room decor!  He said he got brown, the next best thing, but had really wanted to get me a red one - so sweet! He 'gets' my matching obsession!!

We have decided not to go out to dinner tonight, I am really not enjoying eating out at the moment, as I am worried about the safety of the food that I am eating, and I just don't enjoy it - I would actually rather cook myself!  So, I am going to make up something light and easy and we are going to pack it up and take it down to our favourite local beach for a little picnic this evening...  I guess we had better enjoy our last Valentine's Day as just two - next year it might not be such a peaceful meal ;)

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!  Have a super day with your loved ones!  Remember to cherish the small things in your daily life - life is so precious, embrace it with all that you have got  :)


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