Sunday 10 February 2013

Valentine's Decorating - 2013

Just a few quick photos of the decorations I have put up in our home for Valentine's Day...

I have kept it pretty simple - especially since I shouldn't be climbing on ladders to hang up decorations!

I have put some ceramic hearts on the entry way table:

And the rest of the decorations are in the kitchen, where I can see them all the time...

A tissue paper garland, heart canvas, heart wreath and a few bits and pieces on top of the microwave.

And this cushion is on our bed.  A lovely friend gave them to us for Christmas, and I thought why not use the LOVE one for Valentine's Day too?!

And I love using this sweet love heart stationery that I also received for Christmas - I mean, I love using it all the time, but especially this time of the year!


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