Monday 11 February 2013

Valentine's Presents - 2013

There are so many amazing ideas out there for Valentine's Day gift giving, you really could go quite crazy!  But, I have kept it quite simple this year...

For my family and a few close friends I made a delicious Choc-Cherry Slice and packaged it into these cute 'Baked with Love' tins that I picked up at Spotlight last year.

The slice is really easy to make and it tastes so yummy!!

I wrapped the slice in a little bag, then put it into the tins.  I will post the recipe this week for you.

For my niece and nephew I found these super-cute little jumping toys at Cotton On Kids a while back - something little that is sure to give them some giggles this Valentine's Day!

And because I loved the 'We are bananas about you' ideas that are all over Pinterest, I popped some banana lollies into these sweet bags and popped a topper on it with a short message.  I also got my niece a little board book about a monkey (to go with the bananas), and my nephew got a book about going to school, since he just started prep!

And for my nephew in WA, sticking with the 'bananas' theme, I got my sister to applique this gorgeous monkey onto a T-shirt, to go with his little bag of bananas.  The shirt is so cute - my sister is so clever, and she is about to launch her embroidery business, which I will share with you when she is online!

As for how Mick and I celebrate Valentine's Day - he is not such a big fan - sob, sob!!  He is usually pretty good at getting me flowers or a new plant (which he prefers, as the flowers eventually die, unlike the plant!), but there have been years when he has informed me the week before Valentine's Day that the florist told him that she is sorry but she will be sold out of flowers on Valentine's Day, so he will get me something another time...  Good try buddy!  But overall, he does make an effort to get me a lovely bunch of blooms, which I enjoy so much!  And I must admit that he is quite good with giving me flowers randomly throughout the year, so I can't really complain!

Anyway, when it comes to giving him presents, I usually go with boxer shorts or a fishing DVD or something small like that for Valentine's Day.  This year, I have got him a gift voucher for the local video shop.  Every Tuesday they have $1 movies, and he generally stops to loan a movie for the night.  He is a real movie buff.  I figure that the voucher will last him quite a while, given that he will only be using $1 a week!

Hopefully this gives you some ideas of some simple gifts to give for Valentine's Day, that don't cost a fortune, but mean something to those special people in your life!


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