Wednesday 11 July 2012

Hair - Messy Side Bun

This hair do is a variation of the fish-tail braid that I showed you in this post here.  Instead of leaving a plain pony tail, in the heat of summer, I prefer to get my hair all up and off my shoulders.  I also find in winter that I like to wear my hair completely up when I wear my jackets with fluffy collars (to get my hair out of the way).

You can see by the photos that there is absolutely no method to how I create this do, rather it is very random and I just work with what my hair wants to do on that particular day.

First, I fish tail braid my hair, or simply sweep my hair into a pony tail behind one hear.

Then I use my straightener to curl my pony tail.  I try to do lots of little sections, in order to create a lot of curls.  I posted here about how I curl my hair.

Finally, I just grab each curl and pin it randomly to my head.

Easy, and it doesn't matter if a piece falls out or goes awry, as I just pin it back wherever I can.  'Messy' is great to hide imperfections :)


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