Tuesday 10 July 2012

Zone 2 - Kitchen and Dining Room (Quick Afternoon Jobs for July)

I am back to school for Term 3 this week, and that means back into routines!

It is Zone 2 this week in Flylady land, so here are my 5 quick jobs that I am doing (one per day) when I get home:

Monday - Sync the time on the kitchen and dining room clocks with the phone/oven/microwave clocks.

Tuesday - Wipe down kitchen cupboard doors.

Wednesday - Wipe down stainless steel appliances.

Thursday - Wipe down switchplates and powerpoints.

Friday - Rotate vase and placemats on dining table.

Most of these tasks can be completed in under 10 minutes, but they each make a small difference to your space.  The best part is the feeling of accomplishment that you feel when you complete a task :)

As a bonus challenge set the table especially nicely for dinner this week - including using candles or fresh flowers!

(Check out what we did last time we were in Zone 2 here.)


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