Monday 13 August 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I am so excited to have been awarded the Liebster Blog award from Jill at Life at Number 91, and also Leanne at Organising The Three Of Us

Jill at Life at Number 91 is such a lovely lady, who is on an inspiring weight loss journey.  I truly admire her courage to share this journey on her blog - pretty amazing stuff!  She also loves organising - which you all know is close to my heart!

Leanne at Organising The Three Of Us has a fabulous blog, where she shares some super organising tips and her home decorating is just dreamy!  

Thanks for your support ladies!  It has been a true pleasure meeting you through the bloggy world :) Both of these ladies have fabulous blogs, and I am humbled to have been on their list to receive a Liebster blog award! 

My duty now is to recommend some other blogs for the Liebster Blog award!  Below are some of my favourites that you may not have heard about.  They are all amazing bloggers and I am delighted to introduce them to you!

There Was A Crooked House

Jade is married to my cousin, and I have been so excited to see her blog evovle over recent months.  She has so many wonderful organising projects to inspire you, and she has a great knack for decorating in a modern, homely way.  You simply must go and check this one out!

My Danish Kitchen

I recently found this blog, and I just LOVE that it has so familiar recipes on it that honour my Danish heritage.  I love seeing that the traditional Danish foods such as Ã†bleskive (pancakes), Ris a la mande (rice pudding), and  Frikadeller (meatballs) are still honoured and cherished by the Danes.  And I just love the way that Gitte provides the history behind the dishes too!  My dad moved to Australia when he was 9, and although we still celebrate the Danish Christmas Eve each year, I feel I have very limited knowledge about Denmark and this blog has helped me to link the food that I know and love, with Danish history and facts!  I know my Aunty Pia is going to LOVE exploring this blog :)


I met Leena when doing the Organise your Creative Workspace course over at Simplify 101.  She has a lovely blog that has great organising tips and she is a creative crafter too!

My Party of Five

I know Natalie through mutal friends, and I was delighted to recently find her blog!  She has three beautiful children and shares lots of special moments on her blog.  She is a particularly talented cake decorator, so make sure that you check out her masterpieces while you are over there saying hi!

Blogging has certainly been an amazing journey to date for me, and I have made some wonderful friends online, and have also been re-united with long-lost friends too!  Thanks to all of the above ladies for your support with Cassadiva - I hope that you get some lovely new visitors to your site soon!!


Gitte said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and I am so glad you are enjoying the recipes on my blog. I have been exploring your blog as well and you have a lot of really great tips. Thanks for sharing your ideas :)

Cassandra said...

My pleasure Gitte! Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes and heritage with us :) xx

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