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Finishing Off Friday - 1st March 2013

We had a lovely long weekend at the Sunshine Coast last weekend, with my family.  The sun came out on Saturday, and us girls had a lovely day lazing by the pool, chatting, laughing and eating while the boys went crabbing and fishing.  It was such a lovely weekend away!!

However, on Saturday night and Sunday my feet and ankles swelled up and I had to put my feet up to try to reduce the swelling.  So, on Monday I slept in until 9am (that NEVER happens!) and I took it easy and the swelling seemed to disappear.  I know it is quite common in pregnancy for swelling like this to happen, but it can also be an indication of high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia, so I was very thankful that my rest solved the problem and it wasn't anything more serious.

So, in saying all of that, I haven't had much time this week to work on my project list!  But I did manage to get some jobs done, so here we go....

The Nursery

-  I did two loads of washing of the baby's linen!  The sheets, blankets, cot set, mattress protector, etc - all went into the wash with the beautiful Purity laundry liquid.  They all smell so sweet now!  After asking for advice on laundry detergent on my Facebook page, and receiving lots of great feedback from everyone, I decided to go with Purity, as I have a front loader and I think that dissolving the Lux flakes prior to each wash would just be a pain.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to the discussion - you guys always help me out immensely!

- I have also prepared to start packing my hospital bag.  I have a few checklists that I am using, along with (again) the advice you all gave me on Facebook.  You definitely brought up some items that none of the 'lists' have, so I am very thankful that now I will super-prepared!  My goal is to have bags packed for me, the baby and for Mick by the end of next week.

Photos/Memory Keeping

- I guess my big project for the week was my Maternity Journal.  I have an entire post about this project to share very soon, so I won't go into detail today.  Basically, I created a journal for my pregnancy journey, including photos/cards/memorabilia, with some really basic embellishments on the pages.  Today I will just share a couple of my favourite pages, but keep your eye out for the entire post soon!

Other Projects

- Last week I told you that I had done some spraypainting!  Here are some of the before and after shots:

Pin Cushion:

BEFORE - Black

AFTER - White

Lazy Susan:

BEFORE - Black 

AFTER - White (then paired with a pretty piece of cardstock, and the tins I covered last month)

- And again this week, I spent a full day working on Mick's business accounts and records.  I met with the accountant and asked lots of questions about what I can do to improve our business records, and got lots of great ideas!  I came home and made pretty graphs to show income patterns over the past three years for the company and also for Mick personally.  It was a very interesting exercise, and there are some definite patterns showing, which means that we can try to budget for those times of year where the industry seems to die off, and obviously how to make the most of those months where the work is flowing!  I also continued to work on arranging the business files from the past 10 years, and refined the system that we use so that it is easier to maintain in the future.  Working on the business 'stuff' has been a great little project for me, and while I still have lots to learn, I feel like I understand lots more about owning a small company and hopefully this will help us to work out how to improve our profits and also fine-tune Mick's workload for once the baby arrives, so that he can spend plenty of time at home with us :)

So, that isn't the usual list of jobs I got to tick off the list, but I am happy with the progress that I did make, considering that I had a four day holiday!!

And just because I know you love it - here is another baby bump picture from a couple of weeks ago (I have put on another 3 kilos since then!!

I have big plans for next week... I am hoping to have lots more to share as I tie up the final pieces of the Nursery, and also Dad is starting to paint my Study on Sunday, so there is going to be LOTS coming up!!  Have a lovely weekend :)


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