Thursday 7 February 2013

Finishing Off Friday - 8th February 2013

I have to admit that this week has been a bit quiet around here.  I have really felt the fatigue that comes with being in your third trimester, and although I am not one to do much lying around and napping, I have just had to stop and take it easy.  So, this week, my focus has been on 'Finishing Off' baking the baby in my belly, rather than the dozens of projects that I have around the house!

This is my growing bump - we are 30 weeks today!!  This is my favourite 'around the house' dress - it is so comfy, which makes up for its lack of class ;)

Nevertheless, I have managed to get some little jobs done during the week, to make me feel at least a little bit productive...


- The nursery itself has had nothing added this week.  I did collect the layby for my pram, car seat, change mat and baby monitor, so that was pretty exciting!  I am just in love with my pram!!


- I created labels for my photo albums.  I switched to the We R Memory Keepers albums when I started doing Project Life in 2011.  I have been realistic in my expectations, and have not yet decided whether or not I will go back and re-do my photos from pre-2011 into these same types of albums.  For now, everything is staying as it is - I want to move forward with my memory keeping, not get stuck going backwards!

- I chose and saved the photos for January-September for my 2012 Project Life albums, using the Photo Printing system that I posted about last week, which you can read here.  Once I have done October-December, I will be able to print the photos for my album.  

Other Projects

- I did a little Valentine's Day decorating

- And I have finished my Valentine's Day gift buying and making, including posting the presents to our family in Western Australia.  I will post all about the presents next week (including an amazing recipe), once everyone has received their gifts - I don't want to ruin the surprise!

So, you can clearly see from the shortness of this post that this week has been a 'go-slow' one for me, but I am putting my health first, and when I feel tired or lethargic, I just stop and rest.  My baby is my number one priority, and everything else can wait :)

I hope that you had a great week!



Kerina @ Livingonalatte said...

Looking absolutely gorgeous! Happy 30 weeks. I'm glad to here you are resting too xx

Cassandra said...

Thanks Kaz! I am feeling like a growing balloon! I can't even imagine how much bigger I will get - everyone says the last trimester is where they put on the most weight - I don't know if my skin can stretch much further ;)

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