Friday 29 July 2011

Cleaning Make Up Brushes

I have been addicted to Napoleon make-up ever since my sister-in-law's wedding.  Her gorgeous friend Tracey did an amazing job on our make-up, and I was inspired to spend more time learning how to apply my make-up properly.

A few months later, my sisters and I booked in for the Napoleon 'Paparrazi Ready' Make Up Course.  It was six hours of girly fun, playing with make-up and learning lots of tricks of the trade...

One of the most important things that I learnt, was to use brushes to apply make-up.  Not only do you get a more even/precise coverage, it is much more hygenic than using your fingertips.  And the best part is, that you use less product, because it not soaking into your fingertips or a sponge - and this ultimately saves you money!  It is surprising the amount of liquid foundation that I used to use, compared to now that I have my brush.  It is much, much less.

I have all sorts of Napolean brushes - one for foundation, one for pressed powder, one for concealer, one for blush, one for lips and my newest purchase is one for eye-liner.  They are all different shapes and sizes, and obviously tried and tested by the amazing Napoleon Perdis team to ensure it is the best it can be.

It is really important to clean your make-up brushes after every use.  I use the Napoleon Brush Cleaner daily, to keep my brushes in tip-top shape.

However, despite being sure to do this regularly, it is also a good idea to wash your make-up brushes every month or so.  I just use shampoo to clean the brushes (as Napoleon brushes are made from real hair).  I just shampoo the brush and then run it under warm water to rinse out the excess make-up.  It is always surprising how much make-up is still hiding in there, despite using the cleaner each day.

And then next time I apply my make-up, I realise that I am getting a more even coverage, and it just feels nicer because I know that there are no yukky germs living in there.

I store my brushes upright in a small vase on my dressing table.  This ensures that they are not getting squashed in my make-up box, and they are not rubbing up against anything else and getting 'germy'.  I also find that it allows the brushes to completely dry after being cleaned.  I love having them in the vase, because they are easy to access, and I can clearly see which brush I am after.

So, that is your challenge today - go and give your make-up brushes a make-over!


thupham2 said...

HI, sorry for random question lol, but do you find that the Napleon perdis words on the handle scratch off easily with your fingernail?

Cassandra said...

No, I haven't found that with my brushes - and I even tried it on a couple this morning.... Not sure why yours would be doing that?!

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