Wednesday 13 July 2011

Pink Makes The World A Better Place!

Today marks Cassadiva's one month birthday!  I cannot believe that it has been one month that I have been blogging!  I was so excited at one week when I had 1 000 hits on my site... I thought it was beginner's luck!  But here we are one month on, with over 4 000 hits on the site!!  It blows me away to think that 4 000 times you guys have clicked a button and stepped into my little world, amidst the busy-ness of your daily lives.

From my perspective, my world is a great place to be.  Life is not perfect, but I do my best to look on the bright side of life.  If you look hard enough, you can find something beautiful in everything you do...

Today I arrived home just on sunset and was bedazzled by the 'pink' world around me.  As I drove home, I noticed a haze of pink in the sky.  Then when I pulled into my carport, there was pink glowing all around me, reflecting off the roof, windows and walls, it was like the 'air' was pink! I went out of my back door and gazed up at this natural wonder that was graciously glowing on the horizon.  I always tell people that pink makes the world is a better place, and my goodness, for five short minutes of my day, my world was perfectly pink!

I grabbed my camera, took some happy snaps, and then in a blink, the sky was grey.  For that short while, I dropped everything and embraced the moment.  Life is busy.  Sometimes life is crazy busy!  But we must always take time to stop and 'smell the roses'.


I was just delighted that my 'special day' was blessed with by pink!  It was the perfect gift for Cassadiva's birthday!  So, to continue the celebration of this very special date, I wanted to reflect on the Cassadiva journey so far...

I just love blogging - the writing, the sharing, the photographing.... but more than that, I LOVE hearing from all of you, my amazing readers!  I want to share a few of your Cassadiva stories, because without you, my blog wouldn't be what it is.  You guys are the ones who give me the inspiration to keep blogging, you are the spark in my fire :)  I am humbled to say that I have lost count of the family and friends who have commented on Cassadiva, and ecstatic that we now have expanded beyond the realms of my address book and I have lots of new readers and followers who I look forward to becoming friends with through the wonderful world wide web.

Just a few of the wonderful stories of the past month:

My wonderful Aunty Pia:
- has bought THREE Robomaids!! (one for herself and one for each of her daughter-in-laws)
- gave me a bag of my favourite white pegs on Friday night
- has brainstormed lots of fabulous ideas for future blogs - thank you!!

My very special friend, Mel:
- well Mel inspires me everyday anyway...
- but she made these gorgeous cupcakes with these delightful cupcake toppers - using a packet mix!

The beautiful Cook Islands bride, Jennie:
- was so excited on Saturday when we worked out how she could slice and dice using her food processor
- tells her husband to take out the rubbish and he tries to 'smell the roses' but all he can smell is the week's worth of dirty nappies!

The gorgeous Chantel, who I work with:
- told me that every time she goes to the toilet she 'swishes' and thinks of me - lol!
- has inspired me to publish a book of my ideas (one day...)

The lovely Nat, from Mummy Smiles:
(I recognised Nat on her blog, we worked together briefly a few years back)
- has sent sooo much blog-love my way, with her wonderful comments about me to her 1000+ Facebook fans (you can find her at
- it has been so wonderful to get to know you a little better these past few weeks!

My fabulous Followers and Facebook Fans who I don't know, but love already!:
- you have taken time out of your busy day to post a comment, email or message to say hi and that you love my site, I can't express how grateful I am for your feedback, and feel absolutely humbled that complete strangers have let me into their life.

I have so many stories just like that to share - it was so hard to choose only a few!  I can't wait to get to know you all better as our beautiful Cassadiva community continues to grow.  Thank you for stepping into my pink world!

So, as the sun sets on this beautiful day, I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of YOU.  My life is richer because of you :)


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