Monday 18 July 2011

Shop Shop App for iPhone

To follow on from my post on Meal Planning, I thought it would be timely to talk about my Shopping List.  I use the 'Shop Shop' application on my iPhone, rather than a paper shopping list.  The main reason for this, is so that I always have my shopping list with me.  There is nothing worse than getting to the shop and realising that you don't have your list!  I always carry my phone, so that means that my lists are always handy too.

With the Shop Shop app (which is free), you can have multiple lists for different projects, which you can rename as necessary.

And the best part is that you can colour code them too!!  By simply holding your finger on the list title, this great function pops up, allowing you to rename the list and change the colour of the background.

I generally have my phone on the kitchen bench when I am at home, so it is easy to reach while I am cooking, and I always add items onto the grocery list as I realise that something is empty or running low.  I constantly update my shopping list every day, but mostly when I do my weekly Meal Planning.

I don't just use Shop Shop for groceries.  Currently I have colour coded lists on Shop Shop for:

- Groceries (pink because I use it everyday and my grocery bags are pink!)
- Camping/boating (blue for the ocean)
- Christmas (green for obvious reasons)
- Scrapbooking projects (orange to match my amber edition of Project Life)
- Measurements for household projects - for furniture, baskets, etc (yellow - that was the colour left!)
- Errands to do (red to match my errand basket)

I find linking the colours helps me to find the lists quickly, and it just helps my brain if things are matching ;)

The items on each list can also be set to be arranged in alphabetical order or manually.  This is another great feature!

Additionally, you can change the settings so that the screen stays on while Shop Shop is open.  I used to get frustrated doing my shopping and constantly having the screen lock (like it always does after a certain period of time), and was delighted to see that we can now have the option of keeping it open.

The application is constantly being upgraded, most recently we have the ability to edit and move items around as we wish, once they are added to the list.

Check out the Shop Shop app website here, or look on iTunes for more details :)


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