Friday 1 July 2011

Cook Islands Travel Journal Day 2 (Part 2)

By now it was 3pm and we were starving from the big day of adventure that we had had thus far.  We wandered down to the Flying Boat Bar and Grill and ordered a chicken and bacon pizza and our first drinks at Aitutaki.  We positioned ourselves on the front of the deck area, over the water, enjoying another exquisite view of the turquoise blue water of the lagoon.

Sufficiently relaxed and hunger subsided from our mid-afternoon snack, we took a stroll around the resort.  It was sprinkled with hammocks, sunlounges, private pavillions, day beds, pools, giant chess sets, the list goes on...

We started to wonder just how we would be able to leave this piece of paradise in just 4 days time.  After a little more exploring, including catching the ferry back over to of the southern tip of the mainland, we headed back to our bungalow.

Mick's first fish off his private jetty was a Spotted Cod - the first of many fish to be caught and released by him.  Fishing is just his ultimate past-time, and most of the time we were on the bungalow jetty, he had 2 rods on the go - one to catch live bait fish, and the other attempting to lure a prized catch onto his hook.  If he could talk, eat and breathe fishing, I know he would!  It is such a great hobby for him, he finds it so relaxing and also so rewarding when he is successful :)

After watching a stunning sunset, we decided to get ready for a dinner date.

So, we headed back to the Flying Boat Bar and Grill for dinner.

We ordered the Sunday Special - Mixed BBQ Plate for $28.95.  When we were served, our eyes almost popped out of our heads!  In front of us we had a selection of: marinated chicken, minute steak, tuna steak, garlic bread, baked potato, pasta and salad - and it all tasted soooo good!

And to top off the evening, the fish put on a brilliant show right at the water's edge - the world renowned Bonefish chased schools of baitfish around, creating huge splashes in the water, the ripples dancing in the spotlights pointing on the lagoon, much to our delight!

What an amazing day, finished off with a relax on our Bungalow verandah, gazing down at the water sparkling against the reflection of our under-balcony night lights... Pure bliss :)

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