Tuesday 19 July 2011

Hanging Suspension Files with Snap Lock Tabs

I found these amazing hanging files in Officeworks, when I was on the hunt for red files for my recent Recipes project (you can read about it here).  I certainly never expected to find this amazing product!

Firstly, the files come in lots of colours, most importantly red, which was just what I needed for my project.  It is just a bonus that the inside colour of the file is pink ;)  Apparently this is to prevent mis-files, which occurs when you slip something in between 2 files, and it falls down below.  So having something to prevent this happening is not only functional, but I think it looks pretty too!

It wasn't until I got home that I realised the amazing feature that this product has...  built-in snap lock tabs.  Each file has 5 clear tabs, which can be folded up and 'snapped' into place, acting as a tab label for the folder.  No more squeaky plastic tabs to slide in and out, these guys have a built-in tab perfect for labelling. I think they will also be invaluable, as I know sometimes the plastic slide-in tabs can pop off and ruin your entire filing system.  And if you change your filing system, it is so easy just to fold down the tab and snap up another one in a different position, as needed.

The files also have a laminated strip at the top and at the base, which provides extra support and durability, which is sure to extend the life of these gorgeous files.

And finally, by having a range of colours, you can colour code your filing cabinet!  What fun :)

I couldn't find these great products to share with you on the Officeworks site, but the Esselte site has them featured here.  I definitely bought mine at Officeworks recently, a set of 10 files cost $14.95.


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