Saturday 2 July 2011

Cleaning The Top of Kitchen Cupboards & Fridge

Today I have another cleaning tip to share with you - it is a beauty!

I shared this with my lovely friend Sam a few years ago, and I totally forgot about it until she reminded me about it just recently.  Obviously, I forgot because I didn't actually do it, but this time I was determined to give it a whirl...

So we all hate cleaning the top of the cupboards/fridge in the kitchen.  Not only does it get super dusty because we never get up that high and clean it, but the dust is actually greasy from all of the oils that waft into the air from cooking - gross!  I absolutely hate getting up there and seeing the grit and grime, and it is not my idea of fun to mop it up with a damp sponge and a bucket of water, whilst balancing on a ladder!

But I think I have now done this for the last time!  The secret tip that I heard years ago is to line the top of your cupboards with cling wrap!  Then, next time you get up there to clean, you simply roll up the cling wrap and dump it, along with all of the nasties that have accumulated and stuck to the plastic, and then just re-line the shelf.

I sprayed my Cleaning Spray onto the dusty shelves and then used a soft scourer to lift the greasy dirt.  I then used a sponge to wipe off all of the bits of yuk, and then a paper towel to dry the surface.  This is the worst job ever - I am so glad it is done now though!  Then I spread cling wrap from one end of the shelf to the other, ensuring to put the overhang at the back of the cupboard, and fold it upwards, as an extra barrier for that edge.  And now it is done!

You might notice that I keep my cling wrap in a 'Wrapmaster'.  This is a brilliant invention that I bought years ago, which helps to keep cling wrap from getting in a big mess.

It stores the roll safely inside the container, and then you just pull out the wrap required and press down to chop it off.  It is one of my favourite kitchen gadgets, as I use it every single day.  I googled it for you and came across this American site which has a cute movie to show how it works - you can view it here.  I am not sure where you can get it in Australia, I got mine at Robins Kitchen many years ago.  I will let you all know if I see one in my travels :)

Wow - that idea is so easy!  Why haven't we all heard of this one before??  There are so many great tricks and tips out there, make sure you let me know if you have any magical ideas to share with the Cassadiva community!  I would love to hear from you :)


Nat @ Mummy Smiles said...

When we first moved into our house, my mother-in-law insisted I line the top of the cupboards with newspaper. I thought she was crazy at the time but now I am so grateful of that tip. Clingwrap is a brilliant idea! So I guess it's time to get up there and change the paper!

Cassandra said...

Wow - newspaper would certainly do the same thing! What a clever mother in law you have Nat!

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