Monday 18 March 2013

Chocolate Easter Nests Gifts

Last Easter I decided to make presents for everyone, rather than buy Easter Eggs.  I chose to make these little Easter nests.  These are all over Pinterest and the internet, probably because they are really simple to make, and quite cost effective too.


Just melt chocolate, combine with crunchy noodles, and then top with mini Easter eggs.

So, rather than focus on how to make them, given there are so many tutorials out there, I thought I would share how I packaged them to give as gifts.

One option I used was recycled strawberry punnets.  They were the perfect size, and the clear sides and top allowed the little nests to peek through.  Complimented by an Easter cupcake wrapper, shredded paper, and little chick, I think they looked really cute!!

I just put some cardstock and cupcake toppers on top, to give them that Easter touch.

I also used these little plastic Easter noodle boxes to package the nests.

And as a gluten free option, I popped marshmallows onto this nest, as the Mini Eggs contain gluten.

Hope this gives you some ideas for inexpensive Easter gifts, with the home-made touch this year!


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