Friday 29 March 2013

Easter Decorating 2013

I think I have been too busy with all of my other projects to get the Easter 'bug' early this year!  I have done a little bit of decorating around the house, but I haven't gone crazy, like I did last year ;)

I think because we are having our family Easter celebration on Monday, I keep thinking that I have plenty of time to organise everything, not that I have a whole lot to do!

My niece and nephews' presents are all sorted (and hopefully one of them arrived in WA by now for our special little outback bunny!).  For the family this year I am once again baking, so I can't really do that until Saturday/Sunday, so I have planned as much as possible, but until I have made the goodies I can't exactly wrap them up!

I guess I am trying keep the decorations around the house low key, just in case...  You never know when we might need to do a mad dash to the hospital ;)  And then I wouldn't want to come home to have to pull them all down.  So, here are a few happy snaps of what it looks like around here this year!

Just a few friendly little fellows to keep the Easter spirit alive!

Have wonderful weekend with your loved ones...  The season of rebirth and new beginnings is certainly the centre of our little world right now :)



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