Wednesday 20 March 2013

Hair - Headbands

Since learning to curl my hair last year in The Year of Good Hair, I have come very attached to headbands!  I find them such a useful accessory, as they not only provide bit of flair to a simple hairdo, but you can colour coordinate them with your outfit, and they also keep your hair out of your face, which I love.

I guess my signature headband would have to be the one that I bought for Christmas a few years back...  I am sure that you all recognise this as my 'Cassadiva' photo!  This was taken on Christmas day, when I was trying on my new apron that I had received as a gift. 

This is what it looks like up close, with the dress that I actually bought it to match (the fact that it matched the apron was purely coincidental!) 

And here are a few other headbands that I have collected in recent times...

My red bow:

My brown feathers:

My pearls and crystals:

I have lots more, but I think that you get the idea!  I highly recommend choosing headbands that have a flexible, plastic band, rather than a metal one, so that it doesn't hurt your head!  And don't forget to look in the children's section of the stores for cute headbands for yourself!  It is surprising how often they can fit on an adult head, and are cheaper and cuter than adult ones too!

I have really missed wearing headbands whilst being pregnant, as even my loosest ones give me a headache, so can't wait to get back into wearing them after the bub arrives!   


Anonymous said...

If you have a baby girl you can share the headband love with her =o) Natalie.

Cassandra said...

I know, Natalie!! Baby girl accessories are so cute!!


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