Tuesday 19 March 2013

Hair - Hair Donut

It has been a long time since I have done a 'Hair' post, but I found these photos on my computer from last year, and knew that I had wanted to do a blog post using them, so here it is!

Having fairly short and thin hair, I was always envious of the girls who had a big bun wrapped on top of their heads.  Then I learned about Hair Donuts and thought it could be something that might just solve my problem of a puny little bun!  And it did!

This is what a hair donut looks like:

Image Credit
They come in blonde, brown and black - choose the colour that best matches your hair.

And these are the instructions that came with mine:

Basically, you make a pony tail, then thread on the donut.  Then wrap the hair from your pony tail around the donut and pin into place.  Apparently you can somehow roll your hair down around the donut for the same effect, but I don't think that my hair is long enough to do this, as I have never been able to make it work!

Either way, check out how much hair it looks like I have!!

Unfortunately, I tend to get headaches when I wear my hair up high like this, so I haven't actually worn this do too many times for this reason.  But for those of you with less-sensitive scalps, I highly recommend this as a super quick and easy hair-do that stays looking great all day long! 


Caroline said...

i just bought one of these to make it easier for my daughter when doing hair for ballet classes, never thought to try on myself LOL now i must

Cassandra said...

Yes, you should Caroline! They are so fun - and makes your hair look so good :)


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