Sunday 17 March 2013

Easter Cake Pops

Last Easter  I decided to give Cake Pops a try!  I must admit that it was an awful lot of work, but they looked quite pretty and tasted yummy!

I can't remember where I got my instructions from, probably online, but I do remember that I baked a basic vanilla cake, crumbled it, and then combined it with Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting to make the little egg-shaped balls of goodness.  It took a long time and made a big mess!!

I then dipped them into white candy melts, which I had coloured using liquid food colouring.  I wasn't 100% happy with the consistency of the the melted candy, it didn't give a really nice smooth finish, like I have managed to achieve with white chocolate, when I made Cake Pops with the machine I got for Christmas - read about them here.

I then sprinkled 100's and 1000's all over the cake pops, and for some, I drizzled them with plain white candy melts using a super-skinny piping nozzle.  They are all far from perfect, but when you look at them altogether, it does look pretty effective.

I tied bows around the stick, which I think added a whole lot to the aesthetics of them too.

And then I presented the cake pops by sticking them into a pink bucket, that was filled with florist foam, and topped with shredded paper.

So, although they didn't look anything like the ones that I had seen in recipe books and online, I was quite happy with the outcome.  And best of all, they tasted really yummy too!!


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