Thursday 14 March 2013

Finishing Off Friday - 15th March 2013

What a big week on the blog it has been!  Thanks to everyone who followed along with 'My Baby Shower' posts!  It was so much fun sharing all of the amazing things that happened on the weekend with you all :)  If you missed them, you can find them here.

The day after the party, on Sunday, I admit I was a bit sore and stiff!!  But my wonderful parents came to the rescue and Dad continued to paint the study, and Mum helped me with the final clean up after the party.  By Sunday night, everything was back to normal, and my house looked just the same as it always does!

On Monday I woke up feeling fabulous - full of energy and motivation - yay!  I still have this dreaded ear infection, and it has now also gone to the other ear too!  Double trouble!  However after 2 more doctors visits this week, they are slowly healing and my doctor is regularly cleaning it out, to ensure that it heals properly.  So, while sleeping has been a bit tricky (with both ears hurting to lie on and not being able to lie on my back when pregnant), I have been surprisingly energetic each day!

Ok, so what progress did I make this week??  Let's see...

The Nursery/Baby

- I found homes for all of my wonderful gifts that we were given at the shower, including washing everything new and those things that we already had.  I did around 6 loads of 'cutesy' washing, and now everything is fresh and ready for a new baby to enjoy it!

- I scotch guarded my nappy bag.

- I also finished packing my hospital bags - it feels so good to be ready for if the time comes.  I packed as much as I could, and I have created a little list of things that need to be added at the last minute, like clothes, shoes, hair straightener (am I dreaming that I will use this?!), etc.

The Study

- As mentioned above, Dad painted the ceiling on Sunday.

- We also got the carpet in there cleaned, when they came to do the lounge room after the break in (see below).  He managed to remove some big stains in the carpet, which was unexpected, so that was an added bonus!!

- Other than that, I haven't really done much in there.  This weekend, we are hoping that it will be finished.  My Dad is so patient and does such a professional job with the painting!  I just can't wait to start putting all of my new furniture and storage solutions together and share them with you!

The Laundry

- I am going to be bathing the baby in the laundry sink, so I finalised my little laundry change area on the opposite bench.

- I also re-arranged some of the cupboards so that the baby's towels and face washers are in here, and easy to reach at bath time.  I decided there is no point putting this stuff in the linen cupboard for now, it just means more walking for me!  I have room in here to store the baby's linen, so I made the decision to just keep it in here.

- And we got the floor rug cleaned by the carpet cleaner also.  Another awesome transformation!!

Photos/Memory Keeping

-  I completed my journalling for my 2011 Project Life album.  This involved journalling for 6 months.  I sat down on Monday night in front of the telly, and just wrote my little heart out!  I already had completed the title cards or popped in sticky notes on the pages with the dates of the events, so it was just writing a few little notes about the events that needed to be done.  It took about an hour and a half - a great night-time project, if you ask me.

- I also went through my 2011 and 2012 albums and wrote a list of any 'holes' that I had.  I always seem to have something missing from the albums, whether it was a photo that I printed the wrong size, or I didn't calculate the number of photos for the layout correctly, or if it was a photo I needed to get off my phone or someone else.  Hopefully next week, I will get to print these missing photos and pop them in the album!  Other than that, the only 'holes' that I have are complete pages of layouts for the big holidays that we did or big events that happened like family weddings/christenings, etc.  I always take soooo many photos on these special occasions, I really need to sit down and pick out the best ones and makes some layouts so that these special times are documented in my album too.

- I completed my February layouts for my 2013 album.  This included editing, printing and filing the photos into my album.  I just LOVE being up to date!!

Other Projects

- When doing my meal plan yesterday, I spontaneously decided to clean out the freezer.  I have some great systems in place to keep my freezer organised (which you can read about here), however, as with any system, you need to regularly maintain it, in order for it to stay functional, plus you still need to clean it!  I took everything out, wiped out all of the drawers and dividers, and put everything back in neatly.  So many crumbs gather at the base of the freezer, it is lovely now to look in there and see it sparkling!  I think that nesting instinct is starting!!

- We had a financial adviser out to review our personal insurance policies - life insurance, income protection, public liability and super funds.  If you follow along, you know we have been reviewing all of our affairs this year, so it seemed fitting to check we are on the best policies and getting the most for our money.  We also recently realised that we are over-insured in some areas and under-insured in others.  Hopefully now everything is more in line with where we are at in life.  I really urge you to do this too!  It is so important to have everything sorted in case of an unexpected change in circumstances.

- Unfortunately, we had an attempted break-in here at home on Tuesday, which kind of turned my week upside down!  After being out all day shopping and at my obstetrician appointment, I came home to find a big mess in our lounge room - right where the baby's playmat, rocker and pram are currently living.  They were covered in fine splinters of glass :(  I spent hours on the phone with police, insurance, glaziers, carpet cleaners, security screen company, etc, trying to get everything repaired and back to normal.  It was an awful experience and I don't wish this type of thing on anyone.  We are just lucky that they didn't actually manage to enter the house, as they obviously cut themselves quite badly on the glass they smashed and must have taken off after they attempted to hose the area clean of their blood - yuck!  I am always so vigilant with security when I am home alone, keeping doors locked, etc.  But this really hit home, and now I am going to be twice as careful as normal, and we are yet again getting more security screens installed.  Everyone has been so worried about us, and I was so lucky to have family come and spend the day with me on Wednesday, so that I didn't have to be home alone.  I am honestly feeling very safe and don't want to live in fear, so I am just going about my usual routine, with just a little extra care to be smart about locking things up.  

- I took off my acrylic nails - eek!!  After 12 years of having my beautifully manicured french tips, I decided that it was time to take a break from them.  Probably the number one reason is to try to save some extra money, while I am not working anymore.  But, I also know that it is going to be a hassle to get them refilled once I have a little one, plus I don't want to have long nails in case if I scratch my baby!  My sister said she remembers the first time she accidentally scratched my nephew, and she felt so bad!!  She doesn't have acrylic nails, but Mum and my sisters have always had gorgeous nails that just grow and grow - lucky ducks!  So, my poor nails look a little worse for wear at the moment, and I expect it will take a week or two to get them looking ok again.  I am considering buying my own UV lamp and Shellac polishes, as I have a friend who has her own kit, and she raves about how easy and cheap it is to do it all herself.  That is on the project list to investigate over the next couple of weeks...

And that's about it for this week!!  No wonder I am a bit tired this afternoon ;)  Have an super weekend - get some jobs done, spend some time with family and remember to take time out for yourself too!  I plan on doing all three of these things!


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Anonymous said...

How awful for you to have someone try and break into your home! My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope everything else goes well between now and when your baby is born!

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