Monday 11 March 2013

My Baby Shower - The Food (Part 2)

I didn't get a whole lot of photos of the food, as by the time it was put out, I was busy mingling with the guests.  But thankfully between my mum, my sister and I, we managed to grab a few good snaps, so here they are:

My crafty sister-in-law again wowed us all with the gorgeous food labels that she made for all of the food...

These cookies are so yummy - made by my sister!

And my wonderful friend made these adorable cupcakes - complete with personalised toppers!  Thanks Rach - they look so professional :)

Chocolate brownies (thanks Loui!), Lime Slice (thanks to my cousin Renee!) and cake pops were also other sweet treats on the menu...

And for savoury, everything was home made by someone!  There were home made sausage rolls, mini quiches and meatballs (thanks Mum!), home made sushi and ribbon sandwiches (thanks to my other sister!) and satay chicken rice paper rolls (thanks Mel!) - I have shared the recipe for those before here.

It all looked and tasted amazing!!  Thanks to everyone who contributed - it was just perfect :)


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