Friday 8 July 2011

Battery Tips

This morning we woke up to the sound of a beeping smoke alarm.  While it isn't fun waking up to the sound of the repeated 'beep beep' indicating it is time to change the battery, I am always grateful that we have such a wonderful little gadget in our home in case of emergency.

Luckily, I was able to go straight to my battery container and get out a new 9Volt battery to put into the alarm.  We don't have to worry about not having a working smoke alarm for even 1 day!  It is all ready to help out if a fire were to break out in our home.  There have been times when the battery went flat and I had forgotten to buy a replacement for weeks - this is just crazy, when in reality this little wonder could just save our lives!

Recently, I bought this great little battery container from Howards.  You can see it on their website here.  It is great to keep all shapes and sizes of batteries in one central location in the house.   No more rifling through drawers or containers looking for the 'right sized' battery for whatever went flat, they are all in one spot, in this great slimline container.

The other great thing is that I can see exactly what back-up supplies I have, so I know what I need to replenish next time I do the shopping.  This way, we are rarely caught out when batteries go flat.

But, if batteries do go flat and you have no replacements on hand, I have this great tip to share with you to help extend the life of a battery...

You simply rub the ends of the battery (positive and negative) on the carpet repeatedly, and with some luck, you will get some extra time out of the battery!

I obviously don't recommend doing this with your smoke alarm batteries, but for most other things it should be fine!  My husband did this to the batteries in my sister's digital scales before we went on holidays 6 weeks ago, and the scales still seem to be working now!  I know that scales aren't something that you use all day everyday, but it has still lengthened the life of the batteries, so we are happy with that!

Now go and write 'batteries' on your shopping list, so that you can have a stand-by stash for next time you need it :)


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