Monday 4 July 2011

Highlighter Pen with Built-In Post Its

Today I have yet another great pen that I have found!

It is a slimline highlighter pen that has a mini post-it note dispenser on it.

The pen is a lovely size - I find regular highlighters are both uncomfortable to hold and are also bulky to carry in a pencil case.  This pen is lovely and slim, but still has a decent size point for highlighting.  Then, the exciting part is the mini post-it notes that are safely stowed in a compartment at the top of the pen.  It is so great to just grab one thing and have 2 essential stationery items at your fingertips!

Check out the video here on the Post It website to see it in action :)

These pens are so great for lots of things, as you can both highlight important features as well as pop on a tab to mark the page for future reference...

I have brainstormed these uses so far:
- classes/workshops/conferences
- professional readings (for school, uni, work)
- recreational reading
- project work
- recipes
- instruction manuals
- journal writing
- list writing

I am sure there are dozens more uses out there!

I bought mine at Officeworks, but I have also seen a sparkly version at Big W :)  The pack of 3 was only around $10.  Great value for money!


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