Monday 11 July 2011

Nightly Turn Down Service

I will always remember on our honeymoon, coming back to our villa from a dinner one night, to find the bed turned down with chocolates on the pillows and the soft glow of the bedside lamps illuminating the room in a romantic haze....

Why shouldn't we have this great experience every single day?  Well, I think that we should!

That is why every night I do a 'Turn Down Service' of my own.  Each night, I draw the curtains, turn on the lamps, remove the cushions and turn down the covers of our bed.  It takes all of 30 seconds to do, and makes our room so inviting for the rest of the evening.  

I usually do this straight after my shower, that way there is a light on down that end of the house (our room is at the end of the hallway, at the opposite end of the house to the living area) if we head down there for anything during the evening.

Then, later on when we are weary and all we want to do is crawl under those covers and snuggle down for a good night's sleep, we can!  This is such a nice treat to go to bed to,  I couldn't imagine not doing it now...

By the way, I just love lamps!  I have lamps in just about every room of my home.  They create such a lovely atmosphere in a room, just by flicking a switch.  I make sure that we use energy-saving low wattage light bulbs in all of our lamps, which isn't expensive to run, plus it saves power by not switching the main lights on and off during the evening.  Bedside lamps are also a godsend if you don't have light switches within arm's reach to your bed, as it saves you banging into the furniture as you make your way back to the bed in the dark!

Another thing that I do in this wild, wooly winter weather, is to give us each a hot water bottle to warm us up.  We don't have an electric blanket, and we aren't really fans of sleeping with the heater on, so hot water bottles are a great alternative!  They are sooo effective at keeping warm, and a real money saver as they use no power.
I bought these at K-Mart for around $3.00 each!
We took our hot water bottles on our boat last weekend when we slept over, and just heated some water in the billycan on the barbecue - we were so toasty and warm!  I will never go boating or camping in winter again without them :)

So, off you go!  Go and make your bed nice and inviting for bedtime tonight...  You deserve it!


Kerina @ Livingonalatte said...

That looks lovely. It would look a little lopsided in my bedroom. We have only 1 bedside lamp at the moment as my husband keeps knocking his off in the middle of the night and smashing it! I'm over replacing them for now.

Cassandra said...

That's funny, Kaz! One lamp would still create a nice feel to the room ;) Maybe you could try one of those gorgeous hanging pendant lamps on your hubby's side?? I have seen them on The Block, they look amazing!! Then he couldn't knock it over - lol!

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