Thursday 21 July 2011

Packet Perfection - Carrot Cake

Today I want to share another one of my favourite packet cake mixes!  Carrot Cake!

My favourite carrot cake mix is by Green's.  It includes both the cake mix and the icing mix.

It is so easy and so yummy - and so cheap!  I always wait for packets to go on special - I picked this up last week at IGA at the all-time low price of 2 for $3!  You couldn't make it from scratch for that...
It is such a simple cake mix - just a bowl and a wooden spoon (I use my trusty Tupperchef Spatula).  Then into my Tupperchef Loaf Form for 40 minutes in the oven....

And the icing is super easy too - just 2 minutes in the mixer and cream cheese frosting is ready to rock.

I made this cake last night for my beautiful sister, Linda, who came down and spent 3 hours at my house today, waiting for my new blinds to be delivered and installed - thank you so much!!  I hope your morning tea was yummy :)


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