Monday 12 December 2011

How to Make Paper Bag Christmas Stockings

This is a step-by-step guide of how to make these gorgeous paper bag stockings.  It is an inexpensive gift idea, which is really simple to put together!
First I bought and sorted a variety of red and green lollies - Christmas lollipops, Christmas jellies, candy canes and minties.  You could also add pencils, stickers, and other small trinkets.

Then I create a stocking-shaped template onto a piece of card, which I just drew free-hand.  Just make sure that the template is smaller than the size of the paper bag.

Trace the stocking shape onto the paper bags using a lead pencil.

Then use a zig-zag stitch to sew the stocking shape, approximately 2cm inside of the pencil line from the template.  At this stage, start at the top right hand side and sew down the edge of the stocking, curving around the 'boot' part and then up to the top left hand side.  Don't sew across the top - or you won't be able to get your goodies in there!

Fill the stockings with an assortment of lollies/gifts.  I put 2 minties, a lollipop, a jelly and a candy cane in mine and it seemed to be a good balance of size - it didn't seem empty, but it also wasn't bulging at the seams.

Next sew from left to right along the top of the stocking to seal it.  Then use scissors to cut along the pencil line to create the stocking shape.

Use an eraser to rub out any left over lines.  (I went a bit wonky around the boot part on a couple of mine, and adjusted my cutting accordingly.)

Finally, trim off any excess cotton from the top of the stocking.

I hung mine from pegs, along a string for the kiddies to each take one home from our family Christmas party...

And there you have it!  A really easy project, which is super cost-effective, and also has the touch of being home-made!  I have seen this idea online, made with hearts for Valentine's Day or egg shapes for Easter - it would be so easy to adapt to suit any special occasion :)


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