Thursday 22 December 2011

My Brown and Gold Christmas Theme - 2011

Today I am going to share my brown and gold Christmas theme for 2011! 

I love to surround us with the spirit of Christmas, so that we cherish each and every day of this special time of year.  Whether is be the flashing lights, a sparkly tree or a simple decoration that holds a special memory, the essence of Christmas is truly held in your heart, and all of these decorations that adorn our home are just a reminder of how lucky we are to be blessed with health, hope and happiness.

Let's start at the front door...

The front entrance:

Misteltoe under the front entrance-way:

Into the lounge room...

The little shelf above the television:

The fibre optic tree in the lounge room:

Decorations hanging off the spotlights:

The centrepiece for the dining room table:

And into the living room....

On the coffee table:

On top of a storage box:

Tinsel-filled lolly jar - I knew I would have no self-control if I filled it with real lollies!

My beautiful wreath - it doesn't photograph well:

I love the little birdie!

My Christmas tree (which is sharing its last Christmas with us - it is 9 years old and being held together by fishing line!!):

And outside on the back patio:

And the glow that lights our night time...

Have yourself a merry little Christmas :) 


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