Friday 16 December 2011

A Little After Dinner Christmas Treat

When I am having a party, or even sometimes if I am having a few people for dinner, I try to organise the after-dinner coffee/tea prior to the event. 
I do this by placing out a serving tray, with the cups, teaspoons, tea bag holders, sugar, creamer, etc.  This way, when it comes time to do the coffee and tea, everything is ready to go.  Usually by this time in the night, the kitchen is covered in dirty dishes and pots, and having the coffee ready to go is a big relief!  It is also helpful if someone offers to do the coffee/tea for you, that way you can just direct them to the tray, and they know where everything is!

I love serving after-dinner mints with the coffee/tea - it is a nice little touch!  People always love one last sweet treat, I promise you :)  And I found these great Christmas after-dinner mints at the supermarket, which are a lovely addition to the night-cap at the end of a Christmas celebration!


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