Monday 7 January 2013

Summer Rolls Recipe

Rice paper rolls are all the rage at the moment, and these satay chicken ones are just the best around!  I love that they are so healthy and full of veggies.  They make a great summer dinner, or a fabulous plate to take to an event - they never last long!  Thanks to my friend Mel for sharing this awesome recipe with me.  The recipe is pictured below - if you would like me to email you the printable template, just contact me :)

First chop the vegetables into strips of similar size/length.

Shred the barbecue chicken (or cook chicken fillets and then cut them up).

Mix the satay sauce with mayonnaise.

Add the sauce mixture to the chicken, and make sure to coat the chicken entirely.

Layer the ingredients onto a rice paper wrap.

And fold up nice and tight...

Serve with the satay dipping sauce - these are delicious!!


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