Saturday 19 January 2013

What Should I Do With This Bowl?

I have had this bowl for years!  When I lived at the beach, it was my table centrepiece, filled with sand and some shells.  However,  it has now been sitting in my cupboard for years, and I don't quite know what to do with it...

I am thinking of spray painting the wrought iron stand white, and using it somehow in my new study or even in the nursery, but for what??  I am a bit stumped!  I love seeing the clever ways that people re-purpose old/unused items in their homes...  I am hoping to rejuvenate this piece, because I really do like it!

Do you have any ideas to help me out?


Cottage Sweet Cottage said...

Those water beads that go in the bottom of vases in floral arrangement vases that you put water on them and they expand~ you can tell I don't know their name!!! lol

They are very tactile and fun to play with. They have them at Wal mart in the floral section.

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