Thursday 28 March 2013

Laundry Hamper Make-Over

This week, I re-covered an old laundry hamper of my mum's, for the baby's nursery.  It was a fun project to complete, super cheap, and I am very happy with the result!

I started with this blue hamper.

First, I removed the hinges that held the lid to the base of the hamper.

Next, I pulled off the decorative trim.

Then, using a flat-blade screwdriver, I removed all of the staples that held the decorative trim and fabric to both the lid and the base.

Then, all of the plastic frame fell into pieces on the floor!!  Rather than panic, I hot-glued it back together, and it seemed to hold ok!

I used the old fabric as a template to cut the new fabric to size, then I pinned it onto the base to check it fit.

I sewed the fabric for the base together and tried it on for size.  It was a bit tight in one spot, so I unpicked a little and re-stitched it giving it a little more room.  Then I fitted the fabric over the base of the hamper, and used a staple gun to attach the fabric to both the top and bottom of the hamper.

Next I used a hot glue gun to attach the decorative trim along the top and bottom.  I like the way this looks, but it also doubles as a cover for the staples.

Then I stapled the fabric to the lid.

Finally, I put the hinges back on... and my hamper was done!

This was the very last job on my list for my nursery, so it is just the best feeling that this room is now 100% ready for a little resident :)



onshore said...

This is a nice use of old stuff. It turned out very beautiful.

Cassandra said...

Thanks Leena!

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