Sunday 10 March 2013

My Baby Shower - The Decorations (Part 1)

I was so lucky to be thrown the most amazing baby shower by my beautiful sisters and mum over the weekend.  We have such a close family and I am always thankful for that, but it is the special times like these that really make me realise how lucky I am to have them!

My sister-in-law also helped out so much, sending handmade decorations, food labels, thank you cards and more all the way from Western Australia!  We missed her not being here, but were so grateful at how much she contributed from so far away - it was very sweet and very much appreciated :)

Rather than jam-pack everything from the party into one massive post, I am going to spread it out over the week, and give each little topic the attention it deserves.

Today let's start with the decorations!  I love this part!

We went with a pink and blue theme for the shower, since we don't know what gender our baby is, I thought let's just do both!  That was about all that I knew about the party.  My sisters didn't tell me one little thing about what they were planning, and I wasn't allowed to help at all!  The girls said it was a great colour theme to work with, as there is heaps of both blue and pink around...  And it looked fabulous too!

I will let the photos do the talking!


This 'Baby Jed' bunting was so adorable - thanks to my sister-in-law for making this - I love it!!

I decided to hire chairs for the party.  We can always round up enough chairs from family, but I love these white party chairs, as they have no arms and it means that you can fit lots more chairs into a tight space.  Given the recent weather on the east coast and the prediction of possible showers the day of the party, I wanted to ensure that everyone was undercover.  We fit 30 chairs into my back patio area, which isn't really that big, so I was very impressed!  Obviously, I also like the streamlined look of all of the chairs matching too ;)

You can see there were balloons, pom poms, hanging swirls and more, which all helped to set the pink and blue theme!

And this was another cute decoration made by my sister-in-law.

It all looked just lovely!  Thanks girls!!

And I can't forget to thank my darling husband who madly cleaned up the yard for the event.  We have had so much rain here lately, it is virtually impossible to mow the soaking wet grounds, but he spent hours before the party getting everything looking spick and span!  His dad also helped to clean out many of our neglected gardens - so thanks to both of them for helping to get everything looking wonderful.  Despite the rain, it is so nice to have everything looking so lush and green again!

Just love this man to bits!! xx
Stay tuned for more 'My Baby Shower' posts...

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Bianca said...

You look absolutely GORGEOUS Cassandra!!! Loved your baby shower decorations! :) x

Cassandra said...

Oh, thank you Bianca! You are too sweet! I was just on cloud nine all day :)


Stephanie said...

I'm so happy you loved everything I made for you Cass sorry I couldn't be there but you know I live too far away. BIG HUGGS & KISSES, I love you to the moon & back

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