Tuesday 12 March 2013

My Baby Shower - Invitations and Party Games (Part 3)

I just LOVED these invitations that my sister ordered online!  They were just perfect for the colour theme, and considering I love to bake, having the preggy girl on the invite wearing an apron and holding cupcakes, it seemed very fitting!  They were just so sweet!

For party games, my sisters just kept it really simple and did 2 quick games.  When there are 30+ guests, it can get very hard to organise people and games, so I think they did a super job at keeping it simple, yet still allowing a few good laughs!

The first game was the good old 'Guess the Girth' - where everyone cuts a piece of ribbon that they believe to be around my middle.  This was quite funny, and I didn't get offended when some people cut nearly double what I actually am - they are just not used to seeing me with so much extra padding ;)

And the second game was to guess how many jelly beans were in the giant bottle.  Just so you know, there were actually 479 jelly beans in this giant baby's bottle!  Lucky for me, Mum won it, and she gave me half of the jelly beans!  Of course, they are for Mick....  and the baby ;)

They had adorable little prizes like cute cupcake papers, mini footprint cookie cutters, and rubber ducky soaps.  It was lots of fun!

And the best party game of all was opening all of the amazing gifts!  The baby (and I) got totally spoilt, and love every single present that we received.  Thanks to everyone who 'showered' us with their love!!

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