Monday 27 June 2011

Cook Islands Travel Journal

I remember when I was a little girl and we were on a family holiday at Bribie Island, I kept a scrapbook-journal of our trip.  I remember collecting leaves when we went on walks and sticking them in,  along with writing about our adventures of the day.  We had lots of wonderful holidays growing up, but I always remember this holiday more vividly, I think it is because I had the journal to look back on for years to come.  So, when we went to the Cook Islands recently, I decided to try to keep a Travel Journal.

I didn't buy a special Travel Journal - there are lots of cute ones out there, but I used a cute notebook that I received as a present from a friend a little while back.  It was great, as it has an elastic band around it, which meant that my pens were always tucked in there and I never had to search for a pen!  By the way, I used my Frixion pens - so great for all of my mistakes!  For those of you who are new, you can read my post about these pens here.

I managed to keep the journal for a total of 4 days of our trip - this included our entire stay on Aitutaki.  As you have probably gathered, I really enjoy writing.  My journal entries were about 6-8 pages per day, so it was quite an investment of my time while on holiday.  While I thoroughly enjoyed writing our story, I didn't want the journalling to be a chore, so when I didn't feel like doing it when we were back on Rarotonga, I simply didn't do it.  It's a holiday, right?  I wasn't about to beat myself up for not keeping a journal when I was on vacation!

I am so grateful that I kept it for one part of our holiday, as it will keep these memories alive for many years to come.  We took over 700 photos, but sometimes there is a story behind the photo, and if you don't write it down, you just forget.

So, in the coming days, I have decided to share our story with you!  I will be posting my journal entries, which I hope that you enjoy reading, along with some of the amazing photos that we were lucky enough to snap in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Click the links below to read some of my Cook Islands Travel Journal:

Day One
Day Two - Part One
Day Two - Part Two
Day Three
Day Four


samone said...

Great idea!
I too did this when I was a little girl and went on a 10 week holiday around australia. My mum has just scanned all her 'film' photos into digital and with my journal Im making a photo book for us all.
Great blog x.

Cassandra said...

Thanks Samone!
Just this week I found the travel journal I did on a cruise I went on 11 years ago, and also one from a mystery flight to Melbourne from 12 years ago! It is so great to look back at the photos and see the stories too, as it's so easy to forget the details :)
Are you doing a digital photo book of your trip? I have only used iPhoto on my Mac - do you use a different program?

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