Wednesday 22 June 2011

Errand Basket

A little while ago I needed a solution for the pile of 'stuff' that used to mount up near the front door - borrowed things to return to people/places, jobs to do, colour swatches for current projects, etc.  That's when I came up with the idea of creating an 'Errand Basket'.  This is my central location for all of the bits and bobs that need something done with them in future outings.

So, I searched around for a functional basket that would suit my purpose of holding random sized and shaped objects, have a handle to take with me if I needed to, and (of course) it had to look good and match the colour scheme of the room ;)

I found this great red basket at Pillow Talk, and I have been quite happy with the system ever since I put it into place.  It sits on this chair in a spare area at the front of the house, and it's primary job is to hold all of the bits and pieces I may need next time I walk out the door.  This morning, this is what was in the basket:

- empty ink cartridges (I get discount at Harvey Norman when I return old ink when I buy new ones)
- a door stopper which needs to be returned to Mitre 10 (in a snaplock bag together with receipt)
- USB stick with photos to be developed
- notebook with my scrapbooking plan on it, so I know which size photos to print off the USB
- file folder which I needed the colour of in order to match it with suspension files
- photocopying/binding to be done
- a Happy Chopper I no longer need, looking for a new home

And in the front pocket:
- a lotto ticket to be checked
- a DVD to be returned

It is amazing how many 'things' pile up, and it is great to just be able to look in the basket on my way out the door and see if there is anything I will need each day, or if I am doing lots of errands on one day, I just grab the basket and put it in the car and work my way through the jobs.

Hopefully, this is a useful idea for you all :)


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