Wednesday 15 June 2011

Make Your Own Cleaning Spray

Cleaning - you either love it or hate it.  Either way, it has to be done.  So, why not make it fun?!

A friend gave me this wonderful recipe a few years ago, and I don't know how I ever survived without it.  It is cheap, free of harsh chemicals and when you put it in a pink spray bottle - it is so much fun!  I bought these hot pink spray bottles at Kmart last week for not even $2 each.  I have also bought pale pink spray bottles from Ikea in the past.

Cleaning Spray

500ml water
100ml vinegar
20ml Eucalyptus oil
1 tblsp washing soda (or lectric crystals)
10ml detergent (washing up liquid)
20ml Teatree oil (optional)

1.  Combine all ingredients in a large jug (be ready for bubbles if you add the vinegar and washing soda together too quickly!).
2.  Pour into spray bottle using funnel.
3.  Spray away!

The recipe can also be downloaded here, if you would like to print it for future reference.

The washing soda or lectric crystals can be found in your supermarket, usually in the laundry or cleaning section.  I had never heard of them before this recipe, and I did struggle to find them at first.  I have included a photo for you, so hopefully this will help you out when you go shopping to know what to look for.

The secret ingredients!
I use this spray as my all-purpose cleaner - great for benchtops, bathrooms, I even use it on my wooden furniture and haven't had any issues.  Hint - don't use it on mirrors or windows, as the oils in the mixture leave big streak marks (we learn from our mistakes ;)

I will warn you, once you have made your own cleaning spray you will be addicted!  Happy cleaning...


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