Friday 24 June 2011

Organising Recipes

Today I want to share with you a new system that I am trialling for organising my recipes.  It is simply hanging files on a wire frame, with recipes divided into categories.  Easy!

Previously, I was using this great recipe folder from Kikki K. 

It is a great concept, as it is really sturdy and good quality - plus super organised with these divided tabs to sort the recipes into categories.

But for some reason it just working for me :(  For starters, the desserts/cakes section was just too small.  I love to bake and this part of the folder was overflowing, and not organised at all.  Secondly, I was finding it really cumbersome to lug out the big, heavy folder and balance it on my recipe book stand when I wanted to follow a recipe.  Thirdly, I wanted I quick, easy way to pull out the recipes for the week when I did my weekly meal plan, rather than having to search through the folder at night time to find the recipe I needed that evening.  I considered removing the relevant sleeves from the binder at the start of each week, but I knew I would never be bothered to file them back into the correct spot each week!  I will admit that I am very slack at filing ;)

So, I did some 'googling' and came across this great idea somewhere in blog-land!  I didn't really like it at first, because she had hers in a plastic file box, and I knew I would never have something like that sitting out in my kitchen, and I would never use it if it hid away in the study... 

Nevertheless, the idea stuck in my mind and in my shopping travels the past week or two, I found these great red hanging suspension files at Officeworks - yay, they matched my decor!  Now, all I needed was an appealing box to file them in.  Then at Howards the other day, I found this wire rack on the sales table - for $1!  Joy!  I bought 2 of them.  (I have a slight issue with buying multiples of the same item, which can be a costly habit at times - eek!)

Anyway, I was able to quickly relocate my recipes into my new, labelled hanging files, and now I have a fabulous new recipe organiser.

I added some pretty scrapbooking paper to the front, and then dry-pressed the letters to spell RECIPES on the front.  Done!

My next task is to create an identical one for my baking recipes - luckily I bought two file frames ;)  I will let you know how the whole system shapes up...  Make sure you share with us if you have any great tips for organising recipes!


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