Thursday 23 June 2011

Cupcake Toppers

I am a huge fan of cupcakes!  I just love them!  They are perfect for any occasion and so easy to transform to suit any event.  Earlier this year I discovered 'cupcake toppers'.  They are such a great way to make cupcakes even more wonderful!

If you google Free Cupcake Toppers you will be amazed at how many wonderful ladies have created beautiful toppers which you can download for free!  I just love the sharing that occurs online - there are so many creative people in this world and I am thankful to them for sharing with me :)

Here are some cupcake toppers I downloaded for Easter...

The Easter cupcake toppers link is here.

And Mother's Day...

The Mother's Day cupcake toppers link is here.

And these gorgeous Baby Boy ones I downloaded for cupcakes I took to a friend's place for morning tea today...

The Baby Boy cupcake toppers link is here.

There are hundreds more out there - just google whatever the theme is, and make sure you put 'free' in the search, as there are also lots available to purchase.

I print my toppers on 200gsm white card.  This is nice and sturdy - if you just use paper, they tend to curl in.

Then I sometimes cut mine with pinking shears as they look very cute with the zig-zag edge, or other times I have just used regular scissors.  Most of the designs are made to fit 2" or 3" round or scalloped paper punches, so if you have paper punches your job will be done twice as fast!

You could also back them on coloured scrapbooking card if you were really motivated, for added effect. 

Then I tape them to a toothpick.  Some of them I have done back-to-back, so that it looks pretty from all directions :)

And there you have it - a thoughtful touch to make your next event even more special.


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