Wednesday 26 September 2012

A Summer Serving Tray

The weather is finally warming up, and for us, that means we move our meals to outside on the back patio!  There is nothing like being outside in the fresh air, it sure beats sitting inside in front of the TV!

To make the constant transition from kitchen to patio (which isn't really that far, but the door is always where I have to juggle things!), last year I decided to leave my favourite serving tray out on the coffee table near the kitchen.  This way, I could just pop it onto the bench and fill it up with whatever we need for the upcoming meal.

I put a placemat in the bottom, and you can see that I have the napkin holder to match the tray, which I leave on the tray too - so that they are always handy.

This was a trip outside for a bbq breakfast last summer - yummy!

This week we have been busy moving our dining room from the lounge/formal dining area to the kitchen/living area.  This is because we are getting new carpet in the lounge area next week, and I don't want us eating on the new carpet!  I will post more about this move soon.

So, I decided that this year I would put my summer serving tray on the dining table, which is right beside the door to the back patio.  This is what it looks like now...

And below is how I decorated the tray in December, to make it nice and Christmassy!

By popping a few decorations in the tray, it makes it look like part of the display that sits out on the coffee table.  But it isn't just something to sit and look pretty, it is a very practical addition to the room :)


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