Saturday 22 September 2012

Rubber Ducky with Cupcake Washers Gift Idea

Following on from my Cupcake Facewasher post last week, today I thought I would share this cute little present for a baby, which has the handmade touch, but takes very little time to put together.

Last year for Christmas for all of my friends/family with young babies, I found these awesome light-up rubber duckies.  They were such a hit!  I decided that the perfect accompaniment would be a facewasher.  I got my lovely sister to embroider the children's first initials on a facewasher for most of the babies, but as I like to get organised early, and I didn't know the gender of a couple of the babies (as they weren't born yet!), I decided to use an assortment of these baby facewashers instead of a larger personalised one.

I love buying these baby facewashers, which I can usually find at Pillow Talk.  Everyone that has babies says they love these little washers, as they are nice and soft, but also thin, so it makes it easier to get in between all of those gorgeous little fat rolls on baby's arms and legs, when they are having a bath! 

I simply rolled the facewashers into a little cupcake shape, and secured it with some curling ribbon.

Then I arranged them in these cute little cupcake boxes, that I got from The Packaging Place, and the present is done!

I made a few extras of these, so I still have some in my present box, which makes for a quick and easy present on the run :)

If you like the idea of turning baby clothes/linen into gorgeous cupcakes, but don't have the time, or can't master the rolling technique, make sure you pop over to see the amazing designs by Cassie at Dreamy Creations.  She is super talented and I am sure you will find something that will make the perfect gift for your special new arrival!  Be sure to take a peek at her Custom Orders Album - the packaging is certainly 'dreamy'!


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