Monday 20 June 2011

Home Routines App for iPhone

Today I am going to share my favourite app for my iPhone with you.  It is so nice to me :)

The Home Routines app is a fabulous digital To Do list for housework, routines, jobs and more.  Once you set it up it so helpful to keep on track with keeping your home as your haven.

This amazing application provides you with the capacity to create a Morning and Evening Routine.  I will post about each of these in the future.  You can also schedule in weekly tasks, to do lists for today/this week/later, and it also covers the Flylady zones (which you can personalise to your home). 

There are gorgeous stars that get highlighted when you complete a task, and even a whole page of Accomplishments which shows you everything you have done in a day (this is the part that is nice to me!).

Another benefit of this app is the 15 minute timer - this is so helpful when you are tackling a big task by doing a little each day, just set the timer for 15 mins and when it beeps, be kind to yourself and have a rest :)

You can also schedule an alarm to remind you to do your tasks if you like, and you can also schedule the stars to automatically reset each day/week/month, depending on the task list.  They are constantly updating this app, I bought it a few years ago for $5.99 - I see it is down to $3.99 now.  They have added so many of these features over the time I have had it, I can't wait to see what ingenious ideas they add next...

Now, I know it may seem a little over the top including everything on your routine lists, but it really does help you to establish some good habits/routines.  They say it takes 28 days to form a habit, and with the help of this app, my routines are now generally automatic.  I don't use it everyday, but on the days when I am lacking a bit of motivation or think I need some reminders, I know it is there to help me get back on track!


Julie said...

I downloaded this app a few days ago - it's brill:)

I'm not sure yet if I'm going to follow Flylady's Baby Steps or some other routines but I know that this app will help me with whatever routine I choose in the end.

I especially like that stars & smiley faces - I need something to motivate myself:)

You said that you were going to mention morning routines etc but I can't seem to find any info on them. Please could you post a link to them for me?

Thank you:)

Cassandra said...

Hi Julie,

My morning routine was set in stone for years, but I don't think I ever got around to posting about it. Since being pregnant, my morning routine is get out of bed, watch TV, eat breakfast, get ready for work and leave! Not a very efficient system ;) In three weeks I am taking leave to have the baby, so I am sure to establish all new routines, as I become a SAHM for the next few years :) I promise I will be posting more once on leave, as I still have five months until bub arrives!

I love the stars on the Home Routine app too! It is just like getting a stamp from the teacher!


Julie said...

I just wondered if you've had your baby yet?

Cassandra said...

Yes Julie! We had a little girl - named Annabelle! She is perfect! I have been a little busy to blog about her arrival, but I promise to do so soon :)

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