Monday 8 April 2013

A Little Laundry Decorating

Renovating our laundry a couple of years ago was such a fabulous investment of our time and money.  The room is functional and organised, and after a few years of it being like this, I can promise you that it was worth being so thorough with everything, as the systems in place all work like a dream!

Something that I always wanted to do was to decorate the laundry, to make it a little more visually appealing.  It looked lovely - very clean and sleek with the white cupboards and taupe bench tops, but it just needed some personality.

So, this year I have added in a few extra touches to make the room a little more fun and pretty, and now I finally feel as though the room is finished!

On the bench above the washing machine and dryer, I framed some cardstock in a white frame.  I love this pattern, as it ties the colours of the room together beautifully!

My tin accessories for the room are this pinky-purple colour, and I love the green from the artificial plant - both of these colours are combined wonderfully through this cardstock.

Around the sink I just have the essentials - hand wash and wonder soap, plus a little vase with some pink flowers in it, to pretty the area up.

When I designed the laundry, I included 2 open shelves to hold my laundry baskets - one for hanging out washing, and one to hold the ironing.  It took me a long time to find some baskets that I loved for this open space, but these ones from Target are doing the job nicely for now.  I love having a home for both of these baskets, rather than having them sitting out on the bench.

I moved this rug in from the kitchen, which spans the distance of the big sliding doorway.  Its neutral tones match the room perfectly.

I made some pretty additions to the sewing machine, including tying a bow on the handle, and laminating some cardstock for the front of the machine cover.

And for above the sewing machine, I made this bunting, again full of wonderful colours that tie the room together.

And I painted my dress-maker's doll pincushion stand white (it was black), which I leave out on the bench too.

Just having these few little decorations, the room feels more homely, and makes me want to go in there even more!  By keeping the decorations simple, the room is still very practical and uncluttered.  And I can assure you that by having a visually appealing space in your home, it helps to keep it clean and organised, as you never want it look messy, so I always clean up immediately after any jobs that get completed in there.

For the next few months, the sewing bench is going to also be used as a changing station for the baby, following having its bath in the laundry sink, so I have slightly re-arranged this bench in the meantime,
to make it more practical for bath times.

And that is the last of my Laundry posts!  Thanks to everyone who has followed along with the ride - I know it has been a long journey!  I hope that you have found some inspiration for organising your own laundry in a fun and functional way, to make your laundry duties a little more pleasant and a little less like a chore ;)

Read more about My Laundry Make-Over here.


My Pigeon Pair said...

It looks great Cass! The laundry will be a great practical space to wash baby! We couldnt use our laundry sink as it has a lundry chute right above it! Talk about poor design. Your space looks both pretty and practical!

Cassandra said...

Thanks Larissa! I do love it in there... Hope your little laundry make-over is all done now too :)


Unknown said...

Hello, can I ask where you got your purple house caddies/buckets etc from? I have searched everywhere! Thank you,
Kate :)

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