Tuesday 2 April 2013

My New Laundry - The Electrical Elements

As you know, I put a lot of thought into the little 'things' that make up my laundry.  I tried to think of everything that would be of use in the long run.  This post is all about the electrical items that we added, to make the room just right.

Yesterday I posted about the Robinhood Ironing Centre - read about that here.  It would have to be my favourite electrical addition to the room! But here are plenty of others that have helped to make the room that little bit more functional also...

Mick found this amazing swivel light for the sewing bench.  Previously, I had a long fluro tube above this bench, and wanted something similar again, as the old one threw a lot of light.  I was so thrilled when Mick came home with this fluro tube that actually swivels!  You can point it directly down for sewing:

Or it can swivel upwards and throw light out to the rest of the room, for project work or jobs that I do at the ironing board or the opposite bench.

We also decided to install an exhaust fan in here.  This is due to the fact that when the dryer is on, the room can get quite hot, stuffy and damp.  The exhaust fan helps to suck out some of the wet air, and keep the air in the room breathable.  I also find the fan is a good reminder for me that a load in the dryer is ready to be folded, because if I don't hear the dryer finish, I can always hear that the fan is still on when I walk past, so that is a great trigger to remind me to fold the dry clothes!

We decided to put in some extra power points, due to lots of electrical appliances being used in the laundry.  We installed a new power point underneath the sewing bench, which is the perfect place to plug in my Robomaid.  The Robomaid hides in under the bench, and is always charged and ready when I need to use it.

This power point is also great for plugging in the sewing machine.  The cords are all tucked away, and don't get in the way at all when I am using my machine.

We also changed the power points on the walls at bench height from single to double points - always a great option if you can manage it.

And, as I explained with the taps in my post about the plumbing, we moved the power points for the washing machine and dryer below bench height, so that it would be hidden from view, but still easily accessible if needed.

The only thing that I would still like to add to the room is a small ceiling fan, with a light.  It can get hot in here when I am ironing, or doing a sewing project in summer.  But there is no rush for that, I will get someday ;)

Read more about My Laundry Make-Over here.


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Hello, can I ask where you got your tin laundry accessories?

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