Wednesday 17 April 2013

Baby Milestone Photo Cards

Today I wanted to share this awesome gift that we were given for our baby shower.  It is so unique and just perfect for the photo-lover in me...

So, what is it?  A pack of cards that detail the special milestones in the baby's first few years - all you need to do is add the date and then pop it beside the baby and take a photo!  I know it is going to be perfect for documenting all of the amazing things that happen as the baby grows and changes.

How perfect is this concept??  Mums are so busy, it can be hard to document all of those special dates as they happen.  With just having to write in the date and snap a photo, I don't think it can get much easier to record the baby's memorable occasions, as they happen.

I know I am going to LOVE using these cards, they are certainly going to be a feature in my Baby's Album, and even the cards themselves will be a keepsake.  I thought that afterwards, I would keep them all and perhaps punch a hole in them and tie them together with some ribbon, as an additional memory-keeping system for these milestones.  They have a very sweet pattern on the back, so it would be a super quick way to create a mini-album of these special dates.

What a great gift idea for expecting parents... Especially ones that really love documenting life as much as I do!

I am not sure where my friend bought these online, but if you google Milestone Baby Cards, there are plenty of places that pop up that supply them :)


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