Monday 1 April 2013

My New Laundry - The Robinhood Ironing Centre

It has been a while since I posted about my new laundry (which isn't really new anymore!), but I have a couple of posts that I wanted to put up, in order to finish the series.  You will see these pop up over the next week or so...

Including the Robinhood ironing centre in my laundry design was something I had dreamed of for many years!  After now having had the system in place for quite some time, I can certainly report back that it was money well spent :)

Firstly, I love the way it is so simple to fold away.  My old ironing board used to take up so much space in my laundry, and putting it up and down was such a hassle.

I find it so much easier to simply fold this ironing board away.

And then close the door, to make the space completely useable, and the bits and pieces hidden from view!

The Robinhood has power connected to it, including a powerpoint for the iron and a light also.  It has a built in timer, which automatically turns off the power after a set period of time.  This is a great safety feature, so if I forget to turn the iron off before leaving the house, I know it will happen automatically in 60 minutes time.  And the light is so practical, for both ironing and also for sewing - when pressing a hem, it is makes reading the tape measure clearly visible, even at night time.

I have a little container that fits perfectly on this little top shelf, which holds my lint brush and my non-stick mat (for placing over prints on T-shirts).  And you can see that the little water jug fits nicely in beside here too.

The middle shelf is just the perfect width for an iron, which means the iron can be stored neatly in here, even when the board is folded up.  I usually let the iron cool for a little while after use, and then tuck the cord onto the bottom shelf, and put the iron on this middle shelf.  I love having everything stored together in one place.

The only negative that I have noticed with this system is that the actual ironing board is a little smaller than a regular ironing board, so it does make ironing large/long items such as tablecloths a little more time consuming, as you need to rotate the fabric more frequently.   I have short legs though, and my pants fit on the board, so it suits me fine ;)

The other thing I wanted to note was that the installation was quite a project, as the unit is apparently designed to fit perfectly within two studs of the wall (should you wish to recess it in like we did with mine), and my hubby had quite a 'fun' time shaving away the edges of the studs to enable the unit to slot into the space.  It was definitely worth it though, as it only protudes from the wall by about 10cm, rather than the full depth of the unit, which is around 20cm.  We then had an electrician out to connect all of the electrical components of the system properly.

So, that is my run-down of my Robinhood Ironing Centre.  I really do love it and more than a year on, I am so glad that I invested the money in it!  I highly recommend it to anyone, especially those people with space issues, or if you like a tidy looking laundry ;)

And if you are looking for a stockist, the Robinhood website lists these shops as suppliers, however I bought mine at Mitre 10 Mega.

Read more about My Laundry Make-Over here.

Please note - I have not been sponsored in any way by Robinhood, I just wanted to share this ingenious system with you!


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